Potty Training

A florid, glorified production – an altar
To a gestaltist’s cognitive urinal

A jester mired in choral drivel, in a shrine
To lyrical plaster, pickles and pajama pygmies

Swaddled in chastity white
O bestial Balladeer! O curlicued Friar!

For such bastardized zealotry and handsome brackishness
A pasture of urban flower beds is much too kind!

So consign yourself, Eleanor of the paupered greenbelt
The Rigby brigade – to a Mackenzie homily

Six feet under, the surest track to an Eden punctuated
By cries of “Bad potty! Bad potty! Bad potty!”

Copyright © 2013 Elliot Silverberg. All rights reserved.

About Elliot Silverberg

I am an essayist, freelance journalist, poet, and screenwriter; an avid reader with a fascination for historical fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction; a student of the Ancient Greek and Roman cultures; and a tennis enthusiast.

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