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Kim Jong-un a Korean Tarkin?

Following the recent sixteen-day stand-off between congressional Republicans and Democrats over an appropriations resolution, it has become quite apparent that the Obama administration, once fully in control and intent on cementing its legacy of trailblazing liberalism, has instead lost its ability to respond with purpose as it seemingly lurches aimlessly from one mishandled crisis to the next.  Indeed, the way things are headed, history will not judge Mr. Obama’s second term kindly.  The President’s display of indecision regarding the Syrian conflict (which, by the way, remains unresolved––people are still dying by the thousands even as the media applauds U.N. Resolution 2118 authorizing the confiscation of Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons), along with his administration’s mismanagement of a $634 million effort to build a website for its signature policy achievement, Obamacare, have obscured his most recent foreign policy successes.  These include the start of negotiations with Iran, long an enemy of the U.S., and with Syria, whose repressive government has expressed an uncharacteristic eagerness to broker for peace since consenting to Resolution 2118. Read the rest of this entry

Taking Sides without Taking Sides is Taking Sides, a Definite No-No!

On Oct. 4, 2013, in a move some might consider surprising for its breach of convention, which dictates that no two government officials listed in the presidential line of succession should be abroad at the same place at the same time, secretaries of state and defense John Kerry and Chuck Hagel (respectively, 4th and 6th in line to the presidency) met with Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister, to convey the U.S.’s unwavering dedication to its long-standing security alliance with Japan.  If, however, this meeting, the latest in a series of diplomatic exchanges meant to demonstrate to Japan and its neighbors the U.S.’s commitment to a highly sensationalized ‘pivot’ towards Asia, was intended to empower the U.S. to reassert itself in the region, President Obama will be sorely disappointed.  This meeting will serve only to antagonize Japan’s neighbors, for, by blithely encouraging Japan to strengthen its military, the U.S. only reveals itself unable to correctly interpret the sociopolitical situation in the Far East. Read the rest of this entry

America’s Carpe Diem Moment: Giving President Rouhani (and Iran) a New Lease on Life

During his first appearance at the annual U.N. General Assembly, and in what pundits have since baptized a “charm offensive,” Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s President, professed his commitment to a new era of constructive engagement with the U.S. Indeed, his refusal to make concrete promises notwithstanding, in going so far as to court American business leaders and to refute his controversial predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s staunch denial of the Holocaust, Mr. Rouhani seems almost desperate for the U.S. to respond well to his repeated invocations for détente. Read the rest of this entry

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